About Us

Here’s why we’re the #1
Default Management Service


600 schools like yours have turned to us for their default management needs. The average rate for these schools is now 10%. It is important to note that these same schools had rates that averaged above 30% before using our service. In 20 years of service we have never had a school sanctioned for a high default rate. No other default management service can come close to this level of success.


Every step in our process, from account research to student service, is handled by a real person. There are no automatic dialers and we never cut corners in order to increase company profit.

Cost Effective

Other than a small fee to track your students, you only pay for student accounts that WISS successfully brings current, forbears or defers. WISS never gives up. Every delinquent student is worked until we are successful or the student defaults.


Monthly reports show your staff the status of each student, you know exactly who we are working and who has been successfully brought current. You may also access this data as well as your entire cohort, which is updated daily, online.


WISS never gives up, every delinquent student is worked until we are successful or the student defaults.


Our representatives average over ten years of experience helping students with their student loans. Our representatives are strong advocates of both the school and the students and will do whatever is possible to help.


WISS is not a collection agency. Students have alternatives such as a deferment or forbearance, they just need to have their hand held through the process. Our representatives get students to cooperate with a friendly, professional attitude.